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this is mr RAYLAND

Mr. Rayland was a true cowboy, a man who spent his career driving cattle. And because Mr. Rayland knew a thing a two about cattle, it makes sense that he also knew a thing or two about making great barbecue. 


One of those things was Mr. Rayland’s homemade barbecue sauce. Crafted from a longtime family recipe, this was not your average, pedestrian, store-bought sauce. No, this sauce was extraordinary. Bold. Unapologetic even. This was a sauce that brought tears when tasted. Tears of joy? Tears of pain? Probably both. 


What you won’t be conflicted about? The taste. Chances are, you’re going to love it. If you’re one of handful who can’t handle the heat, that wimpy supermarket sauce will take you back, no questions asked. 

A family  recipe
passed down for generations 

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